Cartoon interpretation of Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor.

Proving once and for all how cool fezzes and bow ties really are!

The other night I was getting caught up on Doctor Who. As a nerd who has been around the block a few times, I pondered how the hell we consumed our geeky media in the days before Netflix and the like. One episode a week? Via broadcast television and a crappy hand-turned antenna? Dark times indeed. Best not to think about it.

But as The Doctor, Amy, and Rory embarked on an impromptu mission to kill Hitler (yes, I’m still on season 6) I noticed something about Matt Smith, the eleventh actor to play the lead in the long-running series: the man has no eyebrows. Oh, I’m sure they are there, but they must be wispy things not even my HD TV can pick up. It’s kind of like finding out that The Enterprise’s sensors, powerful though they are, can’t see everything. His actual brow is quite prominent, though, and lends itself well to caricature, and so was born my first piece of Doctor Who fan art. What do you think?