Art House Kaiju

I first saw King Kong Vs. Godzilla sometime in the early 1970s. It was my first Godzilla flick, though thanks to Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine, I was already pretty well-informed in the field of kaiju cinema. I own the movie on DVD and will probably be upgrading to the Bluray shortly. I’ve seen nearly all of The Big G’s movies, though I’ve only seen a smattering of Bergman films (The Seventh Seal, Through a Glass Darkly, and The Virgin Spring, the former of which inspired today’s cartoon). I kind of liked the idea that in some parallel universe Bergman was behind on the mortgage and, needing a paycheck, was tapped to helm this clash of the titans for Toho Pictures. I figure if Sam Peckinpah could direct 1978’s Convoy, which was based on a novelty song inspired by the CB radio craze of the day, then Bergman doing a giant monster flick might not have been entirely out of the question.

2 thoughts on “Art House Kaiju

  1. I love this artwork, Matt :O)

  2. Thanks! I think black and white was a good choice for this one.

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