Stuff on My Desk: Bungee Zombie From The Walking Dead

Bungee Zombie, Walking Dead
I don’t mean to spill my guts, but…

I have stuff, and some of it is on my desk.

Action figures have sure changed from when I was a kid. I used to have the Mego super hero and Planet of the Apes action figures back in the day. They certainly lacked the intricate sculpting you get from the figures produced by McFarlane Toys, and the fact that Mego was working with a limited number of molds meant there was a sameness to many of the figures. And they lacked… what’s the phrase I’m looking for? Oh yeah, exposed entrails. Man, this guy is a showstopper, isn’t he? I’ve got half a mind to make an animated gif of him jumping rope with those intestines. This is the Bungee Walker from McFarlane’s Walking Dead line, and he came into my possession by way of a recent Secret Santa exchange (thanks again, Erik!). Click on the image for a closer look (you know you want to).

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