Cook Out of the Damned

If you’ve looked through the archive you’ll see that I like to poke fun at movies. This cartoon started life as an homage to Mario Bava’s Black Sunday, one of my favorite horror films of all time. Barbara Steele stars in a dual role as the heroine and the villainess, the latter of which is a vampire and/or witch (it’s never quite clear which of the two she’s supposed to be). Steele sports a pock-marked face, as her character has had the Mask of Satan nailed to her head, which puts even the severest of acne into perspective. Unfortunately, iconic though the look is, most people probably wouldn’t get the connection, so I’ve gone with a standard Halloween style witch.

4 thoughts on “Cook Out of the Damned

  1. Don’t get too close or your weenie will get warts! :OP

    1. Then you’d have to explain that at the doctor’s office. No thank you.

  2. She should totally take a bite out of each one.

    1. I like that idea. Defiant to the end.

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