Easter on the Planet LV-426


Speaking of Easter, a few years ago, while I was working on building up an archive of comics but hadn’t yet launched this site, I had the privilege of doing a guest comic for Joe Kandra’s One Small Step. This was more or less the first comic I published to the web at large, not just to Facebook, and since it was the week after Easter I gave it a theme appropriate to the holiday. You can see that comic right here. Looking back at it, there’s a few things I would do differently, but I do that with all my old cartoons, and I still appreciate Joe giving me the opportunity.

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6 thoughts on “Easter on the Planet LV-426

  1. I just read through your comics. Great job!

    The only problem I have is that now “Gerbil with a Jetpack” set to the music of “Devil with the Blue Dress” is stuck in my head.

    I will never forgive you.

    Gerbil with a Jetpack, jetpack, jetpack
    Gerbil with a jetpack on!

    1. Jen,

      Thanks for your kind words and THE MOST AMAZING MUSICAL CONCEPT OF ALL TIME!

      If anyone needs me, I’ll be in the recording studio.

  2. That’s not chocolate. It’s alien poop.

    1. Tomato, To-mah-to.

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