When I first heard about eBook readers I cited my love of traditional books as a reason for thinking the new format would never catch on. Granted, I also predicted the failures of movies with sound, indoor plumbing, and that benchmark of innovation, sliced bread. No, I’m no visionary. In retrospect I think the price had more to do with it than anything, but the cost of Nook, Kindle, and other eBook readers have since dropped dramatically. ┬áThe big turning point for me came after I found myself moving for the third time in six years. The weight of several hundred books in cardboard boxes (and the potentially resulting hernia, fused spine, and soul-endangering bouts of profanity) versus the miniscule heft of a small hand-held device is pretty dramatic.

I haven’t gone completely digital. I still prefer the traditional medium for books that are largely graphical, and text and computer books that require a lot of flipping around also work better for me on paper. But for anything that’s strictly text and meant to be read in a linear fashion (novels, short stories, biographies, etc.), I can download in a heartbeat, almost literally.