Fill ‘er up, Barney

OK, I realize crude oil doesn’t REALLY come from dinosaurs, but I’m going to cling to that particular myth long enough to cry “artistic license!” And face it, if it came down to the well being of an obnoxious kid’s show character who is well past his prime (both the Cretaceous period and the 90s were a long time ago), versus not having to pay through the nose at the pump, I think must of us would err on the side of an affordable commute.

But you know what doesn’t rely on expensive petroleum products? Following The Gerbil on social media! Like me on Facebook follow me on Twitter, and now you can even see what I’m doing on Tumblr.

4 thoughts on “Fill ‘er up, Barney

  1. Please, oh please, oh please!

    1. Yes, Barney has left many with scars and a thirst for revenge.

  2. There’ll be no road rage with him in the tank! :OP

    1. And when we run out of Barney, there’s always Baby Bop.

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