Gerbil With a What Now?

Gerbil With a Jetpack
Gerbil With a Jetpack

Gerbils? Jetpacks? What’s it all mean, Buckaroo?

Well, I figure Monty Python’s Flying Circus had nothing to do with serpents, aeronautics or carnival life, and Mad magazine rarely concerned itself with mental health issues, so Gerbil With a Jetpack is just a silly name for a webcomic. Best not to read too much into it.

I’ve been inflicting my doodles on my Facebook friends for awhile, and now I’m going to burden the world at large with my attempts at cartoon buffoonery (carfoonery if you will). For the most part I’ll be making single panel gag cartoons, but I’ll be doing the occasional multi-panel strip as well. What’s the focus? Not sure I have one yet. I like old monster movies, Star Trek, comics, and pop culture in general so there will be a certain level of geekery at work, but you’ll find some more general humor as well. Basically, if I think it’s funny I’m going to hope that someone else out there will agree.

Updates will be weekly to begin with. That’s kind of a wimpy posting schedule, but I’m hoping to upload ‘toons more frequently as I get used to the routine. There are 22 cartoons posted right now (click on the “Comic Archive” drop down in the right hand column), so have a look, and if you see anything you like leave a comment and please share a link with friends if you’re moved to do so.


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