Later, Gator

Lest anyone thinks The Gerbil has gone to that big exercise wheel in the sky, I’m still here. My cartooning efforts have been focused elsewhere of late. I have been working on a mini-comic and I’ve been doing some spot illustrations for a way cool monster mag called (oddly enough) Monster! The recent announcement of Sharknado 3 seemed like a perfect time to share the ‘toon above. Make no mistake, I enjoyed the first two installments in a sort of blunt force head trauma survivor kind of way. Is this sequel necessary? Hell, no. Will it find an audience? I imagine there will be enough folks tuning in just to see if Tara Reid loses another appendage to guarantee Sharknado 4.

One thought on “Later, Gator

  1. OK so I just went to Youtube & watched the trailer for Sharknado. I can understand why he blasted the TV

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