Stuff On My Desk – Eyeball-Shaped Hand Sanitizer

Eyeball shaped hand sanitizer
No, it’s not an eyeball with a top hat, but good luck seeing it otherwise now.

I have stuff, and some of it is on my desk.

I came across this guy while tidying up my work desk. This is actually a Halloween-themed container of hand sanitizer.

Shaped like an eye.

On my desk.

Yes, it’s quite awesome.

What could make it more awesome, you ask? Well, there’s the warning label on the back that says “You know the stuff in this eyeball-shaped container? Don’t get it in your actual eyeballs.” I’m paraphrasing but you get the idea.

I’m trying to think of a time when I would actually want to sanitize my eyeballs, and viewing certain movies (The Room, The Green Hornet, anything from Tyler Perry) gives me the urge, but I’m still not using an alcohol-based product. I suppose changing the channel accomplishes the same thing and doesn’t erode my cornea.

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