He sells you alcohol, he doesn't have to be pretty.

Surely the most aerodynamic of all Star Trek aliens.

Star Trek plush toy tag

A ferengi with delusions of grandeur. His dreams of greatness are Gorn with the wind.

Star Trek alien The Gorn

“Am I rockin’ this ascot or what?”

 I have stuff, and some of it is on my desk.

Just to show how cool my workplace can be, I came in one morning to find this guy on my chair. My friend and colleague Shannon (check out her awesome diet and exercise blog Sweaty Girl) had found him at a flea market then beamed him directly to my cubicle. Yup, I’m a Trek nerd. This is, of course, Quark, the Ferengi barkeep from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the size of whose lobes is exceeded only by his love for gold-pressed latinum. For those not in the know, the Ferengi are a devious race motivated soley by profit, and with ears like those they can hear a penny being dropped a mile away.

What makes this particular Ferengi more devious than most are his delusions of grandeur. If you check out the second picture down you will see that, according to his tag, Quark here believes himself to be a Gorn. As you can see from the following pic of the actual Gorn who beat the toupee off Captain Kirk in the “Arena” episode of the original Star Trek, bad orthodontia is really the only thing the two species have in common.

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