From the Drawing Board: Nice Hand, Turkey

Thanksgiving is upon us! It’s become a tradition at work for us to make hand turkeys this time of year (despite our status as full-grown adults). Here’s a retrospective of my work in the hand turkey medium. Click on any images for a closer look.

First up is this year’s homage to DC Comics’ Justice League:

Justice Turkey
Justice Turkey!


Last year was my expose of how they really make smoked turkey.

Smoked Turkey
Smoked Turkey


And, yes, I’m aware they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Japan, but the wrath of Turkey-Zilla is a force of nature and cares not a whit about such things.

Godzilla Hand Turkey

Art House Kaiju

I first saw King Kong Vs. Godzilla sometime in the early 1970s. It was my first Godzilla flick, though thanks to Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine, I was already pretty well-informed in the field of kaiju cinema. I own the movie on DVD and will probably be upgrading to the Bluray shortly. I’ve seen nearly all of The Big G’s movies, though I’ve only seen a smattering of Bergman films (The Seventh Seal, Through a Glass Darkly, and The Virgin Spring, the former of which inspired today’s cartoon). I kind of liked the idea that in some parallel universe Bergman was behind on the mortgage and, needing a paycheck, was tapped to helm this clash of the titans for Toho Pictures. I figure if Sam Peckinpah could direct 1978’s Convoy, which was based on a novelty song inspired by the CB radio craze of the day, then Bergman doing a giant monster flick might not have been entirely out of the question.