Stuff on My Desk–Plush Mini Cthulhu

I have stuff, and some of it is on my desk.

Plush Mini Cthulhu
What rough beast slouches toward the Walmart toy department to be born.

Cthulhu and many other denizens of H.P. Lovecraft’s fictional universe are often described as being so horrifying that to gaze upon them is to go pants-shittingly mad. The loss of one’s sanity and undergarments in one fell swoop is impossible to come back from.

But what if Lovecraft had it all wrong? What if the Elder Gods drove people over the brink by just being too stinking cute for this world? Take, for example, this adorable mini plush Cthulhu that hangs out on my work desk. Equally at home with exterminating humanity or playing with puppies, this kaiju-sized monstrosity is the Old One we need in this post-LOLcat world.

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Stuff On My Desk: Creepy Butler Dude

“Aaaaaand who ordered the pissed off cat?”

I have stuff, and some of it is on my desk.

Not so much on my desk as threateningly close to it, this morbidly meloncholy manservant has been scaring the bejesus out of my coworkers (and me occasionally) most Octobers for the last few years. He was originally a birthday present (thanks Shannon!) but he’s since become a Halloween tradition. Everyone gets used to having him around, but all it takes is one trip to the printer where you’re particularly focused on work (go figure), you turn a corner, and suddenly you’re confronted by this freaky little s.o.b. Bladder control is the name of the game, and you’d better have it if you’re going to work around this guy.

This year Creepy Butler Dude is joined by internet sensation and curmudgeonly cantankerous kitty Grumpy Cat (thanks, Sue!). Truly a match made in hell. Not entirely sure what their relationship is. One might  be serving  the other either as a minion or an entree. It could go either way, but the two combine to make a potent combination of festive morbidity and knee-jerk negativity.

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