That’s A Snazzy Shazam You Have There

When I first installed the Shazam app on my phone, I suppose I secretly hoped this was how it worked. Alas, no classic super heroes appeared to identify what I was listening to, but it’s still a really cool service. I’m not clear on what legal rigamarole allows the makers of the app and DC Comics to both own trademarks on “Shazam.” Anyone got the lowdown on this? Also, let me go on record here (because, yes, you’ve all been dying to find out where I stand on this and many other issues of the day) and say that my only real beef with the DC Comics New 52 reboot is over their decision to change Captain Marvel’s name to Shazam. Yes, Marvel Comics has a pretty cool Captain Marvel too, and they apparently own the trademark, but DC’s Captain was the first.

If you look back through my archive you’ll notice that I usually do single panel gag cartoons. I occasionally do multi-panel comics (like this one), but those tend to be a series of gags with a common theme. Today’s cartoon is what the great Will Eisner dubbed “sequential art,” and I’m hoping to do more of this going forward. WITNESS MY GROWTH AS A DOODLER, PEOPLE!

And please take note of the shout out in today’s comic for Echo and the Bunnymen. Not only do they have a bat shit insane band name that lends itself well to humor, but they are also one of my favorite bands of all time. Anyone else been up to Villiers Terrace?

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  1. I always think of that guy’s uniform when I use the app.

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