The Elder Gods on the Open Water

After his long slumber in sunken R’lyeh comes to an end, everyone assumes that dread Cthulhu wants to get right to the whole world domination thing. Sure that’s on the agenda, but maybe he’ll want to have breakfast first. And once he’s had a croissant or two, maybe he wants a little “me” time, so he throws a cooler in the back of the old hovercraft and spends the day cruising the waterways.

It could happen.

5 thoughts on “The Elder Gods on the Open Water

  1. Ok, this one got me! So good!

    1. Oh, Cthulhu will get us all in the end.

  2. I definitely need me one of those! As long as Cthulhu is included with purchase.

    1. Sadly they’re out of stock, but I can get you a good price on Yog Sothoth’s old kayak.

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