Orbital Perspective

Yes, traditions can seem strange when viewed out of context. I’m sure my hometown’s annual woodchuck toss and goat shellacking competition would seem just as odd to outsiders, but it was a beloved event that helped fuel the local economy through most of my childhood. Sadly, a few years ago a carelessly hurled woodchuck strayed over the Canadian border, causing an international incident, and bringing about the end of a decades old institution. Some have suggested the goat shellacking should continue by itself but, come on, that would just be weird.


20 thoughts on “Orbital Perspective

  1. Haha! Yeah, it’s best to just leave ’em at their own devices. Eventually they’ll kill each other off.

    1. Wow, I’d hate to think of Earth as no more than the set for some extraterrestrial snuff flick.

  2. Oh. Holy. Crap.

    That’s funny right there.

    1. You are too kind! Thanks for commenting.

  3. I enjoy the comedy, but the joke only applies to the inhabitants of the United States of America, not the planet. Still, very funny 🙂

    1. True enough, but I chalk it up to artistic license. Thanks for commenting!

      1. Also, the aliens probably think this happens everywhere not just in the States.

        1. Also true, especially if they’re only sampling a small percentage of the population. This calls into question their adherence to scientific method, as if all the anal probes and cattle mutilations hadn’t already done that.

        2. Um…I think they left one of their probes in me :O(

        3. What happens in orbit stays in orbit.

  4. Nice perspective thought.
    Here is another one:


    About 4-5% of the living humans on this planet celebrate both halloween and Thanksgiving.

    The other 95-96% do not.

    1. Can’t argue there, but as I mentioned above, I plead artistic license. Thanks for commenting!

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